Thursday, July 2, 2009


REI is having a summer clearance and a lot of PowerBar (blech) and Hammer Nutrition stuff is on sale for like 25% off (or more). Not a bad idea to stock up for the rest of the season on gels/mixes/etc.

I found it under cycling gear. Title should be a link...


RM said...

Zero you crack me up with your tags on the posts...

$, coyote and nutrition. Ha! For some reason I can't stop laughing at coyote. This should be someone's code name this weekend. Arjun? Brennan? Zero?

We could all have a spirit animal. Ben could be whatever animal is typically very old but very fast. Cheetah? Eagle?

Someone needs to be Owl. I vote Kris for that one.

Johnnie Cochran said...

An interesting suggestion Elf.

To this day, the Emory CC team gives each member a spirit animal. The tradition is well over a decade old now. According to the records there are 87 unique animal names bestowed upon members, past and present, of the Varsity squad. After the first race of the year, the freshmen are given their names after much deliberation by the upperclassmen. Later, each name is retired upon graduation, never repeated. The team keeps a list, a fun tradition

I was the Ferret. Some of my favorites from back in my day were, Chimp, Aardvark, Kandiru (that fish from the amazon that swims up your dong and swells up) Horny Toad, buzzard and lemur.

My 2 cents, never give an animal name that is too cool. We never named anyone cheetah, that would be too cool and too fast, who the fuck does that animal think he is anyway.

For ben, the tricenarian husband with great speed, I like "passenger pigeon" for his speedy, faithful return home each night (ideally).

THE KRIS said...

owl? cause i'm wise and old?

also, bite me.

additionally, i'm backing pigeon for ben.

RM said...

I like pigeon, but do we have to say passenger pigeon or can we cut it?

Also update on Brennan:

Through 2am (7h33m) he was at 16 miles and 14 beers. He threw up something nasty many many times outside of Don't Know.