Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hubs of Fury: 4th of Fury

Well folks, you're going to want to bookmark this post because it contains the information you'll need for this weekend's event!


Saturday, July 4th, 8pm rendezvous at the gates of Fort McHenry.

8:15pm: J. Patrick's Irish Pub, 1371 Andre St, Locust Point

9:00pm: Arjun's house, 1321 Clarkson St, Federal Hill. Here we will watch the fireworks, which begin at 9:30pm. They should last until just before 10. We need AOS (asses on seats) by 10pm to make it over to...

10:15pm: Mustang Alley, 1300 Bank St, Little Italy (faces Central Ave)

10:45pm: Bar, Lancaster St, Fells Point (right by Max's)

11:15pm: Bad Decisions, Fleet St, Fells Point (across from Ale Mary's)

11:45pm: The Laughing Pint, 3531 Gough St, Brewer's Hill/Highlandtown. It's north on S. Conkling, near my house. We'll probably park bikes by my crib so as not to have them stolen.

12:15am: Make our way toward the Square. Blue Hill on Conkling if possible, otherwise Walt's Inn for karaoke tribute to Michael Jackson or something on the Square. And pretzel dogs.

Those desiring to leave with me are welcome, I will be leaving my house around 7:15 to ride down to the Fort, taking the slow and scenic route. Also, if you need to crash, you are welcome to do so, but perhaps bring over a sleeping bag/pillow or something. Remember while this is generally a very unsafe event, safety first. If you are unsure of your cycling ability you may want to bring a helmet. Try and bring a workable bike, as our mechanics will likely not be able to make more than minor adjustments. Outfits are encouraged, not required. The idea is to make it to all of these bars for ONE drink and then roll. You certainly don't have to drink at each place, or you can share a bev with a friend. When the conductor says it's time to go though, it's time to roll to the next place. Also for the portion at Arjun's, you are encouraged to bring a snack or bev, you can put it in a backpack or we can stop there to drop off if it's something that needs to be cold.


THE KRIS said...

i realize that you aren't taking requests, but i think we need 30 min @ bar. remember how awesome the people were last time? 30.

RM said...

For you, Kris, it has been changed.

brennan said...

Doesn't staying 30 minutes keep O.A.K. past his curfew at the old person nursing home?

RM said...

Shit, Kris coming out to meet us at all is past his curfew. He's breakin out the OPNH for this one!

THE KRIS said...

opnh? do they make nursing homes for young people?

also, bite me.

additionally, i'm gonna drink/ride you youngins into the ground.

RM said...