Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Night Workout

VERY warm day today (finally) after 4 weeks of nasty track weather. Bring lots of water, stay as cool as you can. Warmup down the trail will start at 6:30, workout starts at 7.

Here is the workout:

3 x (1600 @ tempo pace/200 jog; 800 2 5k pace/400 jog; 400 @ mile pace/5min)

It's a long workout, and due to the heat and depending on your fitness/motivation/weekend race plans, at least try to get through 2.

Chipotle afterwards.

1 comment:

RM said...

Great job at the workout everyone!

And for the record, the way I wrote this shit makes complete sense. It just tells me you're not reading what I say.