Monday, April 27, 2009


So by now most of you probably read the email, which named Rebecca DuRivage-Jacobs as our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week for her win at yesterday's Port to Fort 6k.

But obviously there were many, many fine performances to note and everyone should be recognized for his and her individual efforts (I won't repeat the ones that I listed below already).

Denise really killed it at Pike's Peek. Her fastest 10k last year was 39:24, so to go 37:58 is really awesome. And I'm glad to see Eileen getting back to where she was last year. Setbacks are always frustrating, but it's a thousand times easier to use them as an excuse to NOT get back in shape, than to just go out there and get after it.

I forgot to mention the BRRC Gunpowder Trail Race 5M from yesterday as well. Doug and OJ were there, and while I don't have results yet, OJ said Doug is just a monster uphill on the trails.

And I'm really impressed with the GW Parkway 10 Miler. They put some money on the line for top American finishers, and the race looks like freaking Cherry Blossom all of a sudden. You know it's a fast race when Dave Berdan runs a 53:15 as he's overcoming his February injury and takes 17th. And great race for Dave Berardi, who ran 57:28. I can't imagine what it must be like to be 50 years old and still able to run. At all.

It was truly an awesome weekend for the team, with 3 individual wins and the sweeping of the Port to Fort race. I'm still waiting to hear about Godsey's half marathon in Europe, but I'm sure he did great.


RM said...

Kris, in case you were looking for the results:

RM said...

Results from Godsey's race.

Very challenging course, if you couldn't tell from the times.