Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boston Pre Race Meal

What are people thinking about doing for food the night before the race? Pasta? I have found a place that serves regular pasta but also will serve gluten free pasta which is what I need especially the night before the race. I didn't know if the plan was to eat as a group or in smaller groups or if there are other suggestions on where to go. If the decision is to go elsewhere I'll probably go to a friends house for a smaller pasta party where I can make some gluten free pasta. At any rate wherever it is decided to go it would probably be good to make reservations soon. Thoughts? Suggestions?



RM said...

Claire is jumping the shark on all these little Boston posts!

I will be sending out a list of important information, including hotel accommodations and transportation, soon, and include list of activities for the weekend.

But Claire does bring up a good point - with approximately 10-12 people in our group, this is a lot for going to places to eat. It will be important for people to bring CASH because nothing is more annoying than trying to figure out credit cards, etc.

I am totally fine with people doing whatever they want to do while we're up there, if you want to break into smaller groups - feel free.

That said, it would be nice to do at least Sunday evening dinner as a group, if possible. Keep in mind this should be earlier than later, so 9pm feeding times should be avoided.

All I do know is that we should probably avoid Applebee's, where, in 2007 before Andy's race, I ate one of their cheeseburger quesadillas. Tasty at the time. Not so fun the next day when the hostages were tensely awaiting their release.

///MM said...

Maggianos sounds good but make the reservation like yesterday. Pretty much every italian/pasta restaurant in Boston books up mad early (you know cause there's a pretty big race the next day). Particularly well known, better quality chains like Maggainos. Last year I ended up eating like 4 sides of mac and cheese, a house salad and some other stuff at a random place cause I failed to plan ahead and it was the only place with a table available at a reasonable hour.

While we're (not me, but the royal we) at it we should check into the shuttle from the hotel to the T Monday morning. Ryan? Since you know what hotel we're in?

RM said...

I shall make a call tonight or tomorrow. But we'll also have at least two cars up there, I guess worst case is we drive the short little trip to the T. I assume there must be some kind of parking facility?

Also, it wouldn't be unthinkable to eat somewhere outside of the city, again since we'll have cars we could always take a little trip.

Jen said...

3 cars... We can steal my friend Ashley's car if need be.

Alex said...

Maggianos has great food. You won't leave hungry.

RM said...

Maggianos is also a chain. Where is the adventure in that?

As Brennan and I always say now, starting a few weeks ago, Let's Have an Adventure!

gladfelter said...

You will want to plan on eating dinner around 3:45-4:15 at the LATEST. Stuff gets full early, trust me. Plus, you have to get up at like O-dark-thirty for the buses, and you don't want to eat late