Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boston Pacing

After reading Ben's Blog I thought I would offer up another Boston Pacing site. This one has an excel spreadsheet that you can download and it lets you customize things and then will even create a paceband for you. It bases your mile spits off the elevation and then if you pick even effort, if you want a fast/slow start, and then a fade factor. So if you want to predict your demise you would pick a fast start and a max fade with even effort. I used this 2 years ago when I ran Boston along with some of my friends in the race and it seems to work pretty well.



fbg said...

So, two years ago you used a really high fade factor, and it "worked well"? I did, too, last year, but I didn't do it on a computer.

alyssa said...

If you're brennan instead of a fade factor you'd need a turbo charge factor.

RM said...

Yeah it doesn't account for negative splits. But here's what I plugged in:

3) Fairly fast start
1) Even effort
1) Max fade

They really need "McGrath Factor" which will predict how utterly and completely destroyed you can get and still finish, albeit 3 seconds under "max slowest time allowable"

How does the turkey know how to fly? Such is McGrath.

RM said...

Oh and what I should have included was that at a 2:45 goal time, it wants me to go out at 1:21:42 and come back in 1:23:18. Haha.