Tuesday, February 10, 2009

XC on TV

Just a reminder to set your DVRs, TiVos or come over to my house - but this Sunday, February 15th, at 5pm during the coverage of the Tyson Invitational on ESPN, they will air a short recap of our race. Hopefully some of us make it to TV. I remember when I saw BG on TV during the 2006 race. He did much better than all of us did, so he made it on. My only hope is if the cameras were there as I was getting lapped.

Oh, and this is for Jennifer Koshy:

America's Most Miserable Cities

Click through the pictures until you get to #8

And finally, TWSS needs to host an after-after party following the Shamrock 5k. Georgetown will be our special invitees. Let's kick around some ideas, it'd be nice to have it as close to the finish line as possible, but there's only a few people that live in that vicinity.


brennan said...

How in the world is Miami, FL #9 most Miserable Cities in America? They must have missed Oceans 10, Mangos and the Beach Volleyball.

RM said...

Clearly that didn't factor into their results. Or maybe it was done before we got there and forever changed the landscape and attitude of the town.

Here are some links to ponder if you're bored today:

1) http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29108262/?GT1=43001 The look I've got going on now is going to be referred to as a "recession beard"

2) http://striders.net/races/rrca/2008/results/2008.rrca.result.individual.txt Results from last year's Club Challenge.

RM said...


And this is what happens if you karaoke with me and suck.

Jen said...

First, as a note to all those Chicago kids, it's ranked number 3. Suck it.

Second, Buffalo is awesome. The Sabres rule. You are all just jealous.

Third, another random link to add for entertainment purposes.


The first picture of a garbage plate is another reason why Buffalo kick ass.

Rebs said...

Jen- that link is the best thing I have ever seen. That is seriously culinary porn.

Ben said...

Here's another funny site: http://myparentsjoinedfacebook.tumblr.com/

Christine said...

And here's another: