Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long Run on Saturday

I'm planning on running 18 miles with 7 miles worth of tempo where I'd like to be somewhere that's measured and relatively free of traffic. So, I'm thinking of the hated NCRT. However, I have a 7 mile easy section in the middle of the run that I'd like to do off the trail. I did some research and it looks like there are some decent trails in the Hereford Section of Gunpowder Falls State Park - and it's less than a mile from the NCRT.

Here's my plan - Start at Monkton (mile 7 of NCRT) at 8am. 2 mi easy 4X1mi at T pace with 1 min rest (end at mile 11 Wiseburg Road in White Hall, MD). There is parking there (let me know if you want directions) so, people could meet me there for the Gunpowder section - I should get there ~ 8:40am. Seven miles that will be mostly in Gunpowder State Park - supposedly there are enough trails that you can do a 16 mile loop if people want to add on.

I plan on ending the seven mile portion at mile 11 - then finish with a 3 mile tempo and a 2 mile warmdown.


RM said...

Consider me a possibility for joining you. Obviously I hate NCR but would be interested in trying this other park.

The weather forecast is somewhat grim for Saturday so if that's the case I will probably ride inside in the afternoon and therefore may do my 7-11 miles of running in the am before going to help out at the store sale on Saturday.

Don't forget to come up to the store for a huge sale and free sandwiches from 11am on.

brennan said...

I'm planning on coming out. I'll be doing things a little bit different...
I plan to do 6 miles "normal" while you (and Arjun, I believe) do the warmup and 4 x mile and then we'll meet up and do the 7 miles in the park together. Then I'm hoping to do 3-6 miles of tempo with a mile or 2 cooldown. All in all it'll be 20.
I'm planning on stopping by the store afterwards to check out the sales/grab lunch.
Let me know if you need a ride.

///MM said...

free sandwiches!

RM- what kind of ride are you doing in the pm?

RM said...

Depends on a bunch of shit...I'd like to do about 30 miles, if it's nice and I can, I'll do it outside. If it's not nice, or dark, I'll do it inside on rollers.

I also have to see what time I can blast out of the store, hopefully by 2. I can give you a shout, but it's supposed to be 47 and sunny tomorrow, so if you can get out in the middle of the day for a while DO IT!