Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Proof I have too much time on my hands


THE KRIS said...

several things:

1. great job on the vid ben
2. get a job
3. as witty as our convo was,i'm glad you used music
4. except for that part where jen yells "go army" at the marines
5. sorry about the framing, i couldn't see the screen even a little
6. i'm thinking i should have asked luke his name rather than yell "falls rd" at him all day
7. oh, and, nice job everyone. i know that few (if any) of you had what you would consider a great day, but i think that we(you) can be proud of the work you did

Dirty Chewbacca said...

Great work both Kris and Ben, you had me laughing outloud at work. If I hadn't been married 20 years ago I might have hired you for my wedding. Who knows if we are still at teh game 50 years from now when I allow my daughters to get married I would hire you.

On a side note, my form is but ugly. I look like a cross between big foot and the hunchback. I need a stride coach bad.

Terence aka LT said...

haha... I LOVE THIS VID. OMG! I LOOKED TERRIBLE and I LOVE IT. Thanks My brother from another(Kris) and Ass Man for the much needed comic relief.

Rebs said...

fabulously editing skills my friend. way to get frisky with the titles and effects.

RM said...

It says this video is no longer available when I click on it, is this possible?

Is it different from the one that Jim posted to the Falls Road fan page on Facebook?

brennan said...

We all had such killer kicks!
Great job on the video; that was fantastic.
Thanks again to everyone who came out on Saturday!

THE KRIS said...

8. everyone should know that ben edited out the part where i followed him as he passed and said, "... and there's the ass," or something to that effect.

it's not avail because the man never lets us have anything good.

Alex said...

That was sweet. Nice job Ben.

scotty doesn't know said...

nice work ben! got a few good laughs in

Ben said...

thanks to kris for the camera work!