Monday, February 2, 2009

Purple Haze

Since the Superbowl Trail Races got canceled, I was waiting to see if there were any other races to report. With the RASAC race unreported as of yet and no results for the PG Indoor Meet, it would appear possible that already we have our first weekend with a race result!

However, if you did race, you were NOT going to win the award this week, after Baltimore's own Michael Phelps delivered an amazing result.

"He was the gold medal winner of bong hits" ~ partygoer

So our Purple (Haze) Athlete of the Week goes to Michael Phelps. Thanks Phelpsy!

But seriously, there is a lot going on the next couple weeks, so it's time to focus a little. There's no changes to the runs for the week, but Saturday is the BIG race - the USATF Cross Country Championships at Derwood. It's a little bit of a cluster as it pertains to logistics, because there will be NO parking at the site. In order to get there one will have to park at either the Metro Station or host hotel, and shuttles will be running all day to get people there. There is no cost for registered runners, but it will cost $10 for adults and $5 with a student ID for the privilege to ride the shuttle.

Meet is an all-day thing but the open races are at 1:15pm for Open Women and 2:00 for Open Men. I'd like to be there for some of the earlier races so we can all chat during the week about going down there. If you have questions just email or post in the comments.

We also need to start ramping up our registration for the Club Challenge team. I will probably start sending out the individual, personalized emails to some of our ringers, lobbying for their support.

I also made a Facebook fan page for Falls Road Running, so check that out when you have the chance. Not that it'll be any different than anything here, but it's good for the people that don't run with us.

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