Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend Festivities

I just wanted to raise some money and awareness about a couple of causes this weekend that I think most, but possibly not all, of you are aware of.

  1. Tonight is Dude's Night Out 3: Bitches Ain't Shit (But Hoes And Tricks). The use of parathesis is optional and largely moot since the abreviated form is often used - DNO3:BASBHAT. Anyway we're going to be going out for some drinks in Mt. Vernon followed but dinner at Bistro B and then more drinks at the 13th floor. Give Tank, Jum or myslef a call if you want to come.
  2. Tomorrow is Tank and my birthday. Along with Festivus and the Summer Solstice Toga Party this completes the annual party cycle at Kitchen Stadium. Attendance is highly encouraged. Further details may be procured through this fine link.
Together we can make a difference in our city.


RM said...

Great party Alex, happy birthday friend

THE KRIS said...

happpy birthday kids.

RM said...

My president is black, my Bentley is too