Thursday, February 5, 2009


what a stupid name for a place. or for anything.

anyway, is anyone going to the race on saturday as a spectator? let me know, maybe we can work out some type of car-pool-thingy.



brennan said...

I'll be spectating laps 5 & 6 as I get lapped.

RM said...

I was going to post some details but this saves me from having to create my own post.

IF you plan on attending, the schedule of events is as follows:

9:45 - Master's Women 8k (Denise)
10:45 - Master's Men 8k (Dave Berardi, Tom Stewart)
11:45 - Junior Women's 6k
12:30 - Junior Men's 8k
1:15 - Open Women's 8k (Julia)
2:00 - Open Dude's 12k

If you're spectating, there is no parking and you are encouraged to take the shuttle from the Shady Grove Metro Station. The cost is $10, and I'm pretty sure you'll be charged this regardless as it's a fee to enter the park more than to ride the shuttle.

Temps should be decent, but it'll be sloppy, so make sure you bring extra clothes. Perhaps we can make sure someone is able to keep an eye on our shit while we're running.

There will be no warming up on the course, so let's plan on warming up around 1ish. I'd like to make sure we're supporting Julia as she will be repping Falls Road.

De said...

I'm going early since I'm running the first race. I can watch your stuff while you run. Denise

Jen said...

I'll be there in time for the open women's race, so I can help Denise with the all important task of watching belongings.

JAR said...

All right, Ryan (or whoever wants to respond), for those of us running in the Dude's 12K and warming up at 1, are we meeting anywhere to carpool/caravan down? Time and place to meet?

RM said...

My sister and I are going to leave Baltimore around 8:30/8:45 so we can be parked and in the Park for the masters women's race. After the race I am staying in DC that night so will not be returning, and my sister presumably will just drive straight back up to school.

I leave the remainder of carpooling up to everyone else, people are welcome to come with me but have to meet at my house at 8:30.

Terence is driving, planning on leaving around 10:30/CPT 11:00-11:30, so it would probably be best to reach out directly to him at to plan accordingly.

RM said...


Meet at Terence's in Bonnie Ridge Apartments at 10:45.

Address is 2013 Pheasant Cross Dr, Apt 102 Baltimore 21209

Rebs said...

is it to late for me to tag a long with someone tomorrow? I lost everyones number in the fire so I cant call.

There was no fire but I wanted to say that anyway.

RM said...

Holy crap - you had me going for a second and I nearly freaked out