Monday, February 16, 2009

Is It In Yet?

First things first - did everyone see Justin getting smoked on ESPN yesterday? If you missed the coverage of last weekend's cross country race, I have it on DVR. We saw me, Jeff and T on the starting line, and then there was a good close up of Justin as he was getting lapped, running like Quasimodo. Then right at the end there was a great (and appropriate) ass shot of Ben. How that didn't make Sportscenter's Top 10 I'll never know.

All kidding aside, it was cool seeing us on TV. Last year I didn't make it, but in 2006 BG made it on to the coverage.

In the races, we had some very notable performances. Alyssa took 3rd in the Holiday Lake House 50k. She communicated with Kate Winslet via a magical mailbox. Actually she recorded a 17 minute PR over the distance, which is "tot awes".

At the Valentine's Day 10k, Doug took 3rd and Denise and Eileen went 1-2 for the women.

George Washington's Birthday 10k - Julia rocked the win and a sweet time, especially considering they made the course about a minute long.

That performance, coupled with it being her birthday, is good enough to earn Julia her first Purple Drink Athlete of the Week award!

We're finally in race week for Club Challenge! The most recent entry list shows a good number of you have registered but I know there are many of you who have not responded yet. Get on it! We need all hands on deck for this event. Don't think that just because you are out of shape you can't be helpful - whether you score or not, you'll help to displace other teams' scorers. That's what it's all about.

So if you haven't registered, here's the information again:, click on the link for RRCA Ten Mile Challenge, then do the register online. Pull Falls Road from the drop down menu and then use the password "FrrAD". The race starts at 8am, you should plan on being there by 7:15, giving yourselves more than a few minutes to get ready, hit the bathrooms, warmup, etc. From downtown Baltimore it only takes about 20 minutes to get there, so it's not terribly far. See you there!

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Dirty Chewbacca said...

So everytime someone sees me running they make a comment like "I knew it was you frm a mile away." I couldn't figure out why, thought maybe my striking good looks were visible from such distances. As I have watched the various videos recently I realize I run like a big tool. Last night when my girls saw me running on TV they said I looked like the Beast. that is a Disney movie for all you without kid folk. So I have now found another aspect of my life that I am a big geek in. Which means I am offically cool at nothing.