Thursday, February 26, 2009

“Go out hard; when it hurts, speed up.”

This is a cool article about a high-altitude distance runner and it's got a bunch of good lines like the one in the title and the two below if you're in need of some inspiration. The dude is sick. I can't imagine running a sub-3 hour marathon at 14kft. In my extremely brief stint of training at high altitude (like 5 runs over 2 weeks in Peru last summer) I was completely messed up by how hard I had to work just to keep moving for 4-6 miles.
During my first run at 3600m (12kft) I had to stop after the first 1.5 miles and sit on the curb and recover for 10 min cause I thought I was going to fall over into traffic. No wonder Kenyans are so fast and Olympians train in Colorado.

“Somebody told me you don’t know who you are until you do a 100-miler,” Carpenter said. “I said, ‘Damned if I’m going to die and not know who I am.’ ”

"Sometimes I lie in bed at night and wonder if I’ve done all I can, and if I haven’t, I go out at night and do more.”


RM said...

Now THAT'S my kind of runner, providing sound advice on how to be a playa.

At first I misread it and thought it said "high-school" runner - to which I thought "gangster"

Ben said...

obviously an impressive runner -but, i love this - "His resting heart rate has been measured at 33 beats a minute, lower than those of Michael Phelps and many astronauts. "

now, I know astronauts have to be in relatively good shape - but, I didn't know they were the absolute standard bearers when it comes to cardiovascular fitness.

Jen said...

I have zero intention of ever doing a 100-miler, yet I still feel confident I could die today and have a sound understanding of who I am as a person.

Other than that, the dude sounds pretty cool.

Dirty Chewbacca said...

I actually have a sub 40 heart beat per minute when I am resting. Unless that resting involves watching Skin-a-max or UVA sports.

Never mind who am I kidding

Tim said...

Inspiring story! At 5' 7" 122 lbs, he's got an ideal frame for uphill running (or cylcing). Guess I just need to put some more miles and speed up.