Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! To celebrate their last day of sin for the next 40 days, the "Tuesday am/sometimes Wednesday am/sometimes Wednesday pm" workout club of BrenJunGram will be running this evening, warmed up and ready to run at 6pm from in front of Haagen Dazs in the Inner Harbor. Warning: this is an express train that runs on time and does not make any stops, so be there or be square. The workout is 2x3mi and then a 2mi or something. That is one way to purge the excess from your life.

I personally am aiming to be there, and then I think I am going to partake in some Fat Tuesday celebrating - which means half price burgers at Kooper's and then Cat's Eye Pub for Mardi Gras celebration. Holler at your boy if you're interested.

Cherry Blossom

Before you know it, Cherry Blossom will be here. We have a fair amount of people that are signed up, so I'm going to register a men's open team. Here are results from last year:


I'll post everyone who I believe to be registered in the comments section, so if I miss you or you are no longer planning on running, please let me know as I have to send the entry form in by Friday.

St. Patrick's Day Pub Run

Whether you're doing the Shamrock 5k or not, you can definitely make it to this fun little event that none of us have ever gone to (as far as I'm aware). It's Saturday the 14th at 8am from Slainte in Fells Point. The idea is to run from bar to bar (hmm, sounds familiar, sans bicycles) and the route is yours to choose. As awesome people, we have a responsibility - nay, obligation - to help make this event awesome. Reg is like $10, and you get a Guinness at the end of the race, so it's pretty much worth it.


RM said...



THE KRIS said...

i have no idea what i can run @ cb, but it'll be faster than 62. also, if anyone wants to do the pub run, i'm in.

///MM said...

If anyone want's to make Saturday even more of a debacle after the Pub Run, a tradition that started my sophomore year of college (11 years ago for those keeping count) of consuming St. Ides 40oz to commemorate the Ides of March (and various birthdays/St. Pats day) will be continued on my roof that afternoon. Details to come...

Ben said...

boy, being a fan of malt liquor and being born between the ides and St. Pat's i can't believe i hadn't thought of that!!! i prefer Mickey's, but i think i can make an exception.

RM said...

Then it's settled - Ides on the roof following the Pub Run.

I was already planning on participating in Pub Run so word.

RM said...



Apparently Koopers is CELEBRATING tonight...they'll feature HURRICANES (can't have Mardi Gras without those) and a MG menu. Ale Mary's too. Had I thought about it earlier/been gay, Ethel & Ramone's in Mt Wash would have been good, and if Louisiana wasn't so expensive it would be a good one.

Either way it seems that Fells is the jumpoff tonight,

THE KRIS said...

it's so cute that ben and kendra have the same birthday! oh wait, were you just being a dick?

RM said...

No, they actually do have the same birthday. And isn't someone we know expecting to have their baby on this same day? Who is that??

brennan said...

I thought Justin said something crazy like that...but that may have been a few too many rays or alcoholic beverages that I had had while in Miami.


Dirty Chewbacca said...

I am in for Cherry Blossom and yes number 3 is coming by the 16th of March. Life is grand right? I also notice that T's birthday is the end of the month. Seems like another occasion to drink a 40. Doesn't March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? I will leave the creativity up to the party planners. Plus when is Dude's night out in Towson, maybe I can actually make that one.

RM said...

Justin, you are the official Grand Marshal of Dudes Night Out: Towson. Your pick of dates. T will probably celebrate his birfday at Greek Fest or something in Atlanta, but if he doesn't, maybe we can target that weekend (3/27-28).

Some themes for consideration:

Trust me, I'm a med student

What's your major?

I live in Boland Hall, seriously

Isn't Psych101 a drag?

Go Tigers!

Ben? Oh he's just our Chem TA

Or to keep consistent with past themes

Dudes Night Out: Battle of the Bulge

Terence aka LT said...

I feel bad that I haven't celebrated my birfday with my peoples for 2 years now... PENCIL ME IN!!! March 27th DUDES NIGHT OUT IN TOWSON.

scotty doesn't know said...

i didn't wanna bother making this it's own thread - i know i was tellin a few of you about this video:


it's hilarious - just be careful if you're at work - good amount of f-bombs

i picture it to be the product of one of TTWSS' endless song and movie script-writing

THE KRIS said...

any song that references poseiden is right by me.

Jen said...

Since I was too hungover last Saturday to go out, my roommates and I spent the evening watching random youtube clips including this one. It's great.

I suggest someone gets a boat so we can reenact our own version. Plus, I really just want a friend with a boat.

RM said...

It's about time that SNL has funny stuff on it again; it's just ashame that it boils down to one guy and stuff that isn't exactly done "live".

The one I really respected was Chris Parnell, when he did "my date with britney spears" on May 13, 2000. It was unbelievable and I've never been able to find it. If anyone is able to procure this video I will love you long time. He also had other songs, maybe even one with Natalie Portman, which is interesting because of Samberg's song with her in it.