Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I learned in Miami

This is just a random mind dump of all the things I learned about in South Beach. Even though I am old, I can still gain knowledge.

1. South Beach is the coolest place on Earf.
2. Brennan is the high 5 king.
3. I am really a big fan of Women's Volleyball.
4. T likes BBQ sauce almost as much as he likes chicken.
5. Johnny Rockets tastes way better at 2:30am then after a race.
6. Room 220 Avalon will probably never be the same.
7. Ben's nickname actually has multiple meanings.
8. 46 oz of Mojitos can pack a punch
9. Running a race at 6am sucks

I am sure the others TWSS Miami squad can add as well. I hope to get more often this year and I am looking forward to Dudes Night out Towson & Hubs 4 - "Brining out the Bling".


RM said...

It really was the most ridiculous trip I've ever been on in my life.

I didn't actually quote too much Will Smiff, I'd say about twice per day. We heard the song maybe two times. Ben made an amazing mix tape for our listening pleasure before we went out on Friday night and it was on there.

RM said...

Oh and also, I got WAY more high-5's than did Brennan yesterday, including 3 from the girls outside the terminal when we landed. They were waiting there for a friend.

Dirty Chewbacca said...

Yeah, but Brennan got 2 high 5's from the hottie lead singer of that band.
Also #10. Dudes in straw hats look cool no matter what.

Jen said...

11. Taking off on a plane while drunk is awesome. Landing while sobering up, not fun.

RM said...

12. Upon our intoxicated return to Johnny Rockets around 3:15pm Sunday, Jen stole a french fry off a plate that our waitress Lisa was bringing to a customer. She ate half of it. I scolded her, and she went up to the manager and offered to pay for the french fry (singular) or return the half she hadn't eaten.

fbg said...

Where are the pics, dudes? Help an ex-pat brotha out!

Due to the risk of not being allowed to board a plane drunk, I prefer getting drunk ON the plane after getting bumped up to first class, killing a crossword with Alyssa, and then arguing with Elf when he comes to pick us up.

But your way sounds like fun, too. Yes, I'm jealous.

brennan said...

13. If you run slow enough in the last mile (6:45) they can capture you on video as you get passed by a group of guys...(42 seconds into this clip):

RM said...

I feel like I remembered another one, it might have been something Jen did (other than not register til the day before/destroy her ankle while partying and then hobbling the rest of the weekend)...

BG - T was the only one who had a digital camera. You can check out my pics on FB in the mobile uploads, but we gotta wait til T uploads and sends them.

Jen said...

In my defense, french fries are delicious. She shouldn't have been waving the plate in my face like that. Also the curbs of South Beach are dangerously high and the asphalt I slammed it into is unnecessarily hard. I should sue the city.