Monday, January 26, 2009

Bienvenido Purple

As Justin mentioned, the weekend was sick. I'd also like to point out the random napping that occurred, first by Ben while waiting for our food at Johnny Rockets late on Friday night, then by Terence, well, all the time, including while sitting in a portable toilet after the race. Another favorite was when Jen took a fry from a customer's plate at JRs, then offered to pay for the fry/return the half she hadn't consumed (we had had a few beverages at this point on Sunday afternoon). It really was a good trip.

Terence felt like the mint leaves in his mojito constituted vegetables, and then while taking a leak he thought I was wearing a diaper cause he heard the sound of velcro (I was wearing board shorts).

So I would encourage others to plan destination trips where the race is the least of your concern.

By now you've seen all the results, heard some stories, so I'll cut that part out, but at least mention that the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week was earned by my brother, Kevin, who ran to a 7 minute half marathon PR.

Week schedule's about the same, don't forget that on Wednesday there is a happy hour at Coburn's in Canton Square to help promote Back On My Feet, the non-profit that promotes running in the housing-impaired community. $5 cover, 6-11pm.

Other than that just keep being cold. Sign up for Club Challenge. LADIES - we could really use another female willing to run USATF XC meet. We have two so far running and 3 makes a team. It would be nice to field one, not to mention that as of today, you'd be the winners because there are only 2 teams registered and they each have 1 runner, so not even enough to score.

And Justin's right - we did look pretty sweet with our hats.


fbg said...

I also had an "are you wearing a diaper?" moment one time while wearing board shorts.

Isn't encouraging running among the homeless being a little like Marie Antoinette? Let them eat cake! While we're at it, we should encourage auto racing, polo, and hot-dog-eating competitions. Knitting is also nice.

fbg said...

I totally forgot to write the main purpose of my post. It is/was:

You *do* know you're allowed to go on trips without running a race there, right? Wouldn't having a race "be the least of your concern[s]" be, asymptotically approaching "zero concern", a vacation without a race? [No, wait!?! That's ridiculous!! Why would anyone do that?!?]

Christine said...

Not sure if you are counting me as one of the two running at XC championships since I'm registered unattached, but just as an FYI, I am likely not going to be racing.

RM said...

BG -

I think the homeless thing is a little crazy, but whatever. If it helps a couple of people I guess it's worth it. It's worked very (surprisingly) well in Philly.

As far as destination races, well of course you can go somewhere and NOT race, but I don't think we would have had the sweet crew be willing to go on this trip without the lure of a race. It's fun.

You're an asymptote.

Claire said...

Speaking of destination races I would like to propose the Boilermaker 15K as a destination race. The race is a ton of fun but the post race party is really why I enjoy the race. Instead of a race shirt you get a pint glass and instead of a medal you get a pin. At the finish you can drink all the Saranac you want and they have boxes of Freihoffer chocolate chip cookies and tons of other food to eat, live music, and an F-16 fly by. Think about it.

RM said...

That is definitely a race that I've had on my list of races to do for quite a while, it's usually the 2nd weekend in July so the date this year would probably be around 7/11 or 7/12. I could be persuaded to go there.

Of course I would hardly call Utica, NY a "destination" race. Perhaps a "place not quite as bad as Pittsburgh"