Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miami Half

Great job today - I looked up results to see:

Mr. Ass Man in the TOP 5! Nice Work Ben Ingram racing 1:16:33 at 5:50pace. You made the front page of awards too!
Brennan Feldhausen Clocked a 1:17:38 Chip time for 10th overall at 5:55pace.
Justin Gerbereux 1:20:17 for 6:07pace and 18th overall.
Ryan McGrath ran 1:22:31 for 6:17pace and 39th overall.
Terance Baptiste 1:22:51 for 6:19pace and 44th overall.
Jen Koshy raced 1:46:13 for an 8:06pace and 176th F.

Great Job everyone, that is some SICK January racing! The Men took away 5, 10, 18, 39, and 44th places. Nothing to be ashamed of here folks!

Hope the Beach was bitchin too!


Sara said...

Awesome job, guys (and gal)!

scotty doesn't know said...

nice work everybody!

what i wanna know is how many times ryan quoted will smiFF's "miami" whilst down there

Christine said...

Great job everybody!

Johnnie Cochran said...

I hope you guys crush it at Boston.

RM said...

Wait, we ran a race while we were there? I remember getting up really early on Sunday, putting on my shoes and doing something, but I thought it was a dream...and then I was drunk again by 2pm.

Thanks for the shoutout Barf, the good thing to note was that nobody cared about their race. Ben did well and was really just training through it as he did 12 and 8 miles the prior two days.

Dirty Chewbacca said...

I actually cared until about mile 5. Then all I could think about was hitting up Wet Willies.