Thursday, December 11, 2008



Can you please domeafavor and take a look at the spreadsheet on the right? I would very much like for it to be accurate by the end of this week for next week's Awards Night.

All you have to do is take a look at the tab entitled "Races" and look for your name, make sure I've got all the races you've done this year. For times and placement I always refer to the Interweb's results as official.

Additionally, at Awards Night next week be prepared to write down 2009 goals (my favorite exercise, just like last year). I still have all the cards from last year actually and will review to see how close we all were. We can also discuss training objectives for the coming year, including who is doing what workouts on which days of the week so that people know the deal.

I will bring some light snacks and after for those who wish, we will go out to eat. We'll start at 7 so feel free to arrive at Falls Road a little early and do some holiday shopping!


scotty doesn't know said...

ryan - the chs annual turkey trot 5k results are up on

i went 19:22 for 5th on thanksgivin morn

RM said...

Yeah I actually had all the Thanksgiving and after races on my hard copy but it must not have re-published, I thought I had it set up to re-publish automatically when I upload a new version on google.

You should see it now!

RM said...

Also you'll notice that I added a TON of names to the Celtic Solstice date on our calendar. I was perusing the registration list and found all of you. So now there are not just 4 of us running, it should be good.

kipchirchir said...

WOW, that spreadsheet is a work of art. Good job Elf.