Monday, December 15, 2008

We Bottle Poppin'

In case you haven't noticed I am starting a trend of naming each Monday's post a line from a current rap tune, so that Terence feels more comfortable reading the Interweb.

With that in mind, there was much bottle poppin' on Saturday night. Between BeThanks (great success) and Festivus (also great success) it was a terrific way to cap 2008. I know many of you will be headed to your respective homes this weekend (or Ghana, soon, as the case may be) so besides tomorrow night's Awards Night, it was a last chance to all get together under one roof and watch Ben pass out on the couch.

There was, however, some racing going on this weekend, and forgive me for not having official results but that's what happens when the races are the Fells Point Figgy Pudding 5k and Santa's Sleigh 5k.

Apparently Dr. J got all sorts of misdirected on course, but came back to grab the women's W at Figgy Pudding, while Brennan ran an incredibly fast time on a not-necessarily-fast course (16:36, waiting for official results) to pick up 3rd and $25 (covered his entry at least) at Santa's Sleigh. I'm really psyched on Brennan's fitness right now, I'm feeling like Miami is going to be a good first real half marathon for him.

Of course either of these would be viable candidates for this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, but I witnessed something on Saturday that was as impressive as anything I've seen recently. Alice V, the little sister of Alex V, was consuming a great deal of libations and at one point went out front, threw up 3 times, and came back in and continued to drink. She then was throwing up in the back for a while, but maintained a smile on her face. If that's not PDAW worthy, I don't know what is. Also Dr. J screwed up my plans for her award tomorrow by racing so that's why she's not getting it.

And don't forget - tomorrow our Awards Night will start at 7pm, so try and get there just before 7 (the store closes at 7, so I don't want to be all up in their way). If you think of it today or tomorrow, send me an email with your favorite moments of 2008, or something memorable, or whatever, so I can share with the group.

And for tonight's runners' social, I will be there but depending on how my day with my boss goes I may miss the run. Stalking Horse, 7:45/8pm-ish. Bring cash, it's easier and it'll be cheap, $0.35 wings and $2 BLs.


Ben said...

Goals for 2009:
1) Run sub 2:30 at Boston
2) Run 3,650 miles
3) No incriminating photos at TWSS related events

Terence aka LT said...

Thats for making me feel welcome bro...

PB said...

I like how Ben ranked his goals by decreasing likelihood of success.

RM said...

Ha, PB with the zinger!

Ben's got 3 solid goals, but he'll only accomplish 2. But, like Meatloaf said, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

And stop with this 3650 number, it's too weird.

Ben said...

a few points in my defense.

1) sometimes old men take naps at inopportune times, you ageist jerks.
2) maybe if my "teamate" Patrick would have manned-up (like you couldn't catch a cab home?) during the feats of strength this would have never happened.