Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Long run in 3 three weeks

Holler friends. I realize that while many of you dont know where you're running this weekend yet, you take a moment to think about where you are running three weekends from now. I will be heading out to some place in Delaware for the annual "dead of winter 50K phunt run" put on by the "trail dawgs." It's a standard fat ass event so its just a run, no fee or t-shirt or whatev. But the part that any of you will care about is that there is a 20K and a marathon option. They mark the course and put out some snacks/water along the way. If you are interested they do ask that you register beforehand so they can plan accordingly for the numbers. Registration is here and the run flyer is here. I figured I'd throw it out there in case anyone is in town after the holidizays and looking for some new trails to run. Also if nothing else you can at least appreciate their humor in the waiver you have to sign: "I, _____, am a responsible adult in sound physical condition, and I am adequately trained for this event. I understand and accept the risks inherent in participating in this event. I'm not paying a damn cent for this run, and I don'’t need a lot of legal bullshit. Plain and simple: if I get lost, hurt and/or killed, it will be solely my own fault, I will not be a candy-ass about and I will not sue or blame anybody else."


RM said...

Is it really called a "phunt run"?

Phunt is a funny word. We should start using it more in a derogatory fashion.

alyssa said...

As per urban dictionary:

Phunt (n.)

A new curse word that does not mean anything, but is still a general curse word that can be used in a social setting.

"Look at that jerk over there. He is seriously being a phunt little nugget muncher."