Monday, November 24, 2008

We Don't Run

We don't run, we run shit.

Let me drop some knowledge on you right now. Not only did we have some amazing performances this weekend, but we really have an amazing group of people that we consort with. People that are willing to run (or walk) miles and miles with one another just so they've got some company. People that will travel hours upon hours over the course of a weekend and stay in the tiniest hotel room ever with 5 other people just to cheer them on. And do it all in the freezing cold.

Keeping that in mind, before I get into results, let's recognize our weekend support team of Melissa, Brennan, Kip, Alyssa, Ben and Alex. And of course all the supporters throughout this year, since running is certainly not an individual effort.

But now for the good stuff, some really sick results.

JFK 50 Miler: The stage was set for a cold, cold day to run 50 miles. Alyssa was feeling ready to go and with the awesome signs made by Jen, Melissa and Brennan how could she not have PR'd? [For more on this pictures, I direct you to the Facebook photo album entitled "Running and Such" which can be found via Alyssa's page] What's most important to note about her performance, as Brennan put it, is that she ran out of fear. You can expect greatness when you run under one of two influences: confidence, and fear. Last year Alyssa went 8:07, I'm not sure what place that yielded her. This year, with temps in the teens and low 20s, although CRs were set, the race had a different dynamic. Alyssa managed to drop an 8min last mile and blow past some chick with under 2 to go (that's the equivalent of passing some in the last 100m of a 1500m race). She picked up 3rd place, $100 (race entry was $135) and guaranteed entry into one of running's biggest conquests: Western States 100.

Travis went 7:58 at JFK, and Pete recorded a time 40 minutes faster than 2007, going 10:55.

Philadelphia Marathon: I don't know how or why it decided to get so cold this weekend, but damn. Even if I could have run, I don't think I would have made it more than 4 miles in that cold. While our fan club is definitely not fair-weather, we were all pretty chilly. It didn't seem to bother the IRISHMAN Will Knox, who was running his first marathon. Jen Koshy urged him to sign up a few months ago, and I was impressed he did. While he mostly trains on his own, I knew he was in good shape after Ben and Kris told me about a run he did with them. Will doesn't race often, but normally when he does, it goes well. Very consistent that Knox. The story is all in his splits:

5k (18:15), 10k (18:08), 15k (??), 20k (35:57 for 10k), 25k (17:19), 30k (17:34), 35k (17:47), 40k (17:37).

Who does that? Seriously, in his first marathon he runs a negative split 2nd half (if you look at 20k time 1:12:20 and 40k time 1:10:17) for a finishing time of 2:30:27. 14th overall. Not much above 30 degrees at its warmest. Somehow it took him 7 seconds to cross the start mat, so Will in the future get on the LINE!

Jen Koshy was looking to improve upon her 3:53:39 at Frederick Marathon in May. Her goal was to qualify for Boston (3:40) and wanted to run with the 3:30 pace group. After our amazing dinner on Saturday at Continental in Rittenhouse Square, we headed back to the crib (as T would say) to rest up. She had to stay with 6 people in a room barely suitable for 2. Not only that, but Brennan, Kip and I came back into the room at 2:30am and woke everyone up. She looked ready to go though at 6am and everytime we saw her she looked awesome - smile on the face, looking comfortable. The text updates sucked at this race, but we were able to keep track of her and she was running crazy even. Slowing just a tad towards the end, she finished with an AWESOME 3:31:20, accomplishing all goals along the way.

The race went differently for Claire and Chrissie. Claire started off running super smooth with Jen and Melissa (who wound up running 22 miles of the race like she was going out for a Fed Hill run). She even began to pick it up after the half, and seemed to be on pace for a 3:28ish race. But when the stomach acts up, nobody (save Tegla Loroupe) can overcome. Since we at TWSS are never disappointed with anyone's effort, we laud Claire for her stay-cool attitude. And her finishing time is better than decent anyway.

Chrissie was running good splits and looked fine when we saw her, and after the half Brennan jumped in with her. She held it together for most of the race, but there's no telling when your body will no longer abide by your rules, and they wound up walking it in. Actually I don't think I could be prouder, because I'd always rather see a finish than a DNF if it's physically within reason to do so.

So great job to everyone, thank God "marathon" season is over because it is TIRING. Also it's really cold. And despite all the ridiculous performances, we can only have one Purple Drink Athlete of the Week. This was super hard, because you can't take away from any of the performances by isolating one as the week's best, but this week's award has to go to Will Knox. As talented as Will is, and as fast as he is, I really didn't see a 2:30:27 coming in his debut marathon. Especially considering in February he ran a 1:00:19 at Club Challenge.

I'll be at FHR tonight, I know most of you won't for various reasons so have a great Thanksgiving and if you're in town this weekend, let's do some fun stuff. Maybe a sick game of manhunt at Patapsco?

Oh and I just heard Maryland won the NCAA Field Hockey title, which is our 4th since 1999. At least we can win championships in some things.


gladfelter said...

Great job everyone! Some great performances. Alyssa, does this mean you are going to do the 100-miler? Sometimes I get 100miles in a month...

alyssa said...

Short ans: yes.
Long ans: on my blog later.

Jen said...

Ha, I still haven't gotten 100 miles in a month. You are sick.

Jen said...

Also thank you to all for your amazing support. Alyssa for coming out straight from a brutal race. Melissa for running 18 miles with me. Ryan for driving back from PA only to drive me up. Brennan for driving my ass home. And of course Kip for getting so wasted the night before he slept with the homeless and gave me a great story to think about during my race. Most amazing friends ever.

Sara said...

Big congrats to all of you racers! I'm awestruck.

RM said...

Here's a comment from Will Knox, owner of this week's PDAW, sent via email:

"Thanks so much for he support. It was awesome seeing you and others at several points in the race. Like you said I was alone for a lot of it, but having you and others on the sideslines cheering me on is something that really kept me motivated. Thanks for making me the PDAW. It is an honor and a privilege. Thanks again for being out there in the freezing cold, tell everyone else who cheered...thanks."