Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday Run

Hey guys,

I will be in town on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday night, Joel "lady-killer" Brusewitz and I will be meeting in the evening for our traditional once a year beer(s) at Brewer's art. If you are in town on Thursday, come out.

Then on Friday, I will need to run 8 miles. So anyone may suggest a time and place if they want to get a run in. Otherwise I will likely run from Hampden down the magic path to Robert E. Lee Park.

Finally, I will do Celtic Solstice. I ran 30 miles last week, with a ten miler on Sunday and I feel rested. A few more weeks of building up and then I should be ready for hard runs by December. So I look forward to seeing everyone at Celtic Solstice.


RM said...

Ha, too bad hardly anyone is running Celtic Solstice this year!

I told Jim that 12/20 is a bad date for the race since so many people are taking the opportunity to go home early.

Race registration is up to 1700 but seems to have slowed down. It'll still hit 2000 but more than half of the people have never done the race before so it's new blood.

PB said...

Including me.

PB said...

As new blood running the race, that is.

Ben said...

Jake - i'd be up for 8-10 miles on friday. we're driving back from scranton in the morning - so, anytime in the afternoon would work.