Sunday, November 23, 2008


aka Belated Thanksgiving

So after spending multiple hours together this weekend, the thought of parting for almost a whole week was just too much for Jen, Brennan, Alyssa, and me to handle. So we conjured a plan for a Thanksgiving bash of our own. A potluck Thanksmasikah will be help prior to the Festivous party on December 13 at 4:00 at the household of Arjun Majumdar and Brennan Feldhausen at 1321 Clarkson within the infamous Federal Hill. Please bring a dish to share and the boys will de-organ, baste, bake, and slice the turkey for our enjoyment. Post what dish you will be contributing so that we do not end up with 5 green bean casseroles! Although that would be quite delic. Until then, enjoy your respective Thanksgivings!


alyssa said...

i will bring the jam.


RM said...

What does Ryan bring?

Ryan brings the same shit to every party. Bread and some kind of potato salad(s).

Jen said...

I'll make pies! Pumpkin and Apple unless there are other preferences.

Mel said...

I was gonna bring Gluten Free pies. Want to make something else so I can bring those?