Thursday, November 6, 2008

This chick defines DBAP

she didn't want to lose the fight against a rabid fox


fbg said...

This is the type of presence of mind we can all aspire to. How many chances do you have in your life to prove that you are cool-headed in a pinch? Somehow I'm a little jealous of her because (1) she's proven how tough and rational she is, and (2) she has a hell of a story to tell, and presumably the scar to prove it. Is something wrong with me?

RM said...

No, there's nothing wrong with you. It was a pretty smart thing to do, but at the same time she should have just assumed it had rabies and got the shots anyway. Remember what happened to Spree this summer...

PB said...

A mile with a not just any fox, but a freaking rabid fox, hanging off her arm. That's the sickest thing I've heard since that guy sawed off his arm which was stuck under a boulder. That's not just cool-headed, that's brass-testicles ballin' it.

RM said...

Foxes that I like:

Vivica A. Fox
Michael J. Fox
The Foxtrot (it's on old-timey dance, ask Ben or Kris)
Fox Searchlight Films (typically independent)
The theme for 20th Century Fox
The Fox and the Hound (both the Disney movie and the bar/restaurant in Schaumberg, IL)
Foxxy Brown (blaxploitation movie, and the rapper)

And of course any slammin hot chick we would refer to as a fox. In fact, let's start calling b's by names like broads, dames, skirts and foxes.

THE KRIS said...

1. i usually just hope that i DON'T have many chances to prove how cool headed i am.

2.i never did get the story about spree.

3. the dude who cut his own arm off is the toughest ever. game over.

4.screw running to the car with a live fox, i would have just choked the bitch out right there. the fox that is.

5. i never stopped calling broads dames and skirts. and fillies.

RM said...

I'll tell Spree's story tonight.


fbg said...

@Kris/Wayne Brady's #4: do you think you could have choked a bitch in this situation? It may have been difficult with only one hand. Plus, this broad calmly unlocked the fox (the animal) and wrapped it in a towel. She must be a member of the Very Green Berets or something.

@Elf: Fox and Hound pub is sick, I've been to two or three of them around the midwest. The one in Mason, Ohio has $2 beer night on Tuesdays, when all thirty-something beers on draft are $2. And your icon is awesome. [Ancient spirits of evil... transform this decayed form...]

Alex said...

Wait - but what was her mile split w/the fox?

THE KRIS said...

as for choking a fox (animal or dame) with one hand, i think my hos will confirm my abilities.

why does spell-check think that "ho" is a legit word? also "legit".