Thursday, November 6, 2008

HOF3: Executive Fury

I didn't post a weekend recap on here cause I was lazy, but also because you could read Jake's story and you can read mine here. The only other person I noticed in action was Tom Stott aka Scotty Doesn't Know, who ran a really good race up at Linganore (one of the toughest xc courses I've ever done). And like we expected, Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Jake for his awesome marathon/NYC debut. There are a few weekends left in the year, and some really open races - so if you're looking to sneak a W or a PDAW, it's a perfect opportunity.

Now, onto more important things. This Saturday is Hubs of Fury 3, the much anticipated sequel to HOF and HOF2: 2 Fast 2 Furious. As always, the theme is bigger and better; go hard or go home. Let this be your guide to the weekend's activities. All times are approximate, but the places are for sure.

2pm: depart Camden Yards light rail station bearing North to Mt. Washington, 1st stop Mt. Washington Tavern. Note: bikes will travel with us on light rail.
3pm: Rollout, heading South towards Hampden. I think the bar we are visiting there is something about Venus or Mars and rocket ships. Arjun and Alex are in charge of this one.
4pm: Rollout, again South towards Mt. Vernon, where we will visit Brewer's Art.

5pm: This is the rest stage. I figure we can ride down to Canton, maybe pick up some 'za (pizza, that's how the TMNT would say it) or something and recover for a little while watching #1 Alabama at LSU.

7pm: Resume with stage 2. I haven't quite got the Canton bar figured out, that will be today's goal. I think we may try Shorty's (martini bar) or possibly Mahaffey's (down by Safeway).
8pm: Rollout into Fells, visiting Cat's Eye Pub on Thames.
9pm: The long transfer - heading to Locust Point where we'll finally stop at Hull Street Blues. Since this is a long transfer we may do an unplanned stop for food/bev. Or we could always take the Water Taxi if anyone feels like spending a few bucks (note: I think a Water Taxi version of HOF would be fun in the future).
10:30pm: Final stop in Fed Hill. This can be a game-time decision.

You are more than welcome to travel with us all day, or just for a particular stage. Q: What if it rains? A: We will come up with a revised gameplan.

See you Saturday. Any questions, hit me on the cell.


Johnnie Cochran said...

Correction, got 199th!

RM said...

Oh really? They changed it a few times, it was at 200 when I looked on Monday evening. I'll fix it.

Casper said...

Shortys does not open until 8. You could go to Mike McGoverns.

RM said...

Word. I want to do versions where we'll just stay in one part of town. Maybe on rollerblades.

Alyssa said...


Johnnie Cochran said...

NYC pics are up, fucking sweet, except that they cost three kidneys.



THE KRIS said...

do all three kidneys have to belong to me?

RM said...

Jake, we can take our own pics if you want. I'll just dehydrate myself and look like I'm going to die, and you can come bouncing along like Tigger. It'll be sweet.

Alex said...

Are we wearing spandex @ HOF3? As Dr. K pointed out to me - that's a LOT of chamois time.

RM said...

Well, it's only a lot of chamois time if you're attending the whole shabang. Shebang? Shibang? How do you spell that word?

Second we do have an intermission, which would allow you time to go home and get changed. Up to you all. If I don't wear a bib then I'll have saddle sores if I try and wear anything else.

Colin Brooks said...

I am so pissed that I'm going to miss HOF3.


Jen said...

No worries homie, I'll be sure to tip my forty for your grandpa.

THE KRIS said...

hey jen, you're half black at best... let's start talking like it.

fbg said...

Kris, maybe it's clear to you what you're saying in your comment, but honestly depending on how you read it you could take it and run in any direction.

At "best", she could talk like Obama, or Michael Jackson, or Vanilla Ice, or Kanye West, or Ryan "Elf" McGrath, or Tigah Tigah Woodz, y'all. Fo'shizzle. The list goes on.

RM said...

Sheeeeeiiiit, you know I can help this flow. Do what it do baby.

THE KRIS said...

i'm thinking that michael jackson isn't on anyone's "best" list. at least not post-1987 mj.

scale of blackness:

vanilla ice
michael jackson

RM said...

Whoa whoa whoa, you've got ME behind Tiger Woods? Give me a break dude. He's got a hot white girl but if he were really black he wouldn't have married her. Obama, come on-a. I'm way blacker.

THE KRIS said...

a. tiger has been pretending not to be black so they would let him play at the country club. you'll see the REAL tiger when he retires.

b. obama has been hiding his blackness so the whiteys would vote for him. jan. 20th you'll be picking my crops.

Jen said...

At least I beat MJ. One would think the city schools would have given me some more street cred. At least I can take solace in knowing that I rank above Kris seeing as how he's so white he isn't even on his own scale.