Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Christie!

Hope you have a terrific rainy day dear Christie.

If anyone is planning on running Saturday's XC meet, holler back. I may leave a little bit earlier so I can watch my friend running at 9 am.

Also if anyone is planning on doing a long run Sunday, post your plans here so everyone is aware. I will not be running since I can barely make it through 5 miles right now.


Matt said...

I'm planning on running Sunday at Patapsco, shooting for around 90-100 minutes.

fbg said...

Wait, I thought it was Chrissyne's berfday today! Are there two?!? Well, a very Happy Berfday to both of you!

THE KRIS said...

hap b-day, c! did i take the abs too far there? whatev. anyway, happy birthday chrissie, hope you had a good day.

also: i'm in for 100ish minutes on sunday, what time were you thinking, matt?

Matt said...

9:30 Sound good to you?

THE KRIS said...

that works.