Friday, November 14, 2008

Patapsco Sunday Long

Where: Patapsco Valley State Park (est. 1907)
When: 9:30 am (negotiable)
What: 90+ minutes of running
Who: Me and you
How: One foot in front of the other
Why: 42

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RM said...

42? What's that mean? 42km in a marathon?

ALSO: if you are planning on registering for Miami, do it before tomorrow and you can get your NAME on your bib at no cost. For instance, I got DBAP put on mine.

Matt said...

Patrick: Not sure if you saw the comments from the post below, but Kris and I will be there as well.

Ryan: You can find your answer here.

PB said...

Matt: Nice, glad we're on the same page, and if you guys are doing 100 min, I can probably suck it up for the extra 10.

Ryan: *shakes head and sighs*

Alyssa said...

haha pb that was mad clever.

RM said...

Whatever, you guys are all such a bunch of nerds with your "42" nerd speak.


That's about the extent of my knowledge/jokes.

Colin Brooks said...

so you guys know google search can be used as a calculator, right. okay cool, good.

now one of the random nerd internet known things only us nerds know is that if you google the phrase "Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything" you get a little surprise.

so long and thanks for all the fish.

fbg said...

Ryan don't read books.

But, what's the question?