Monday, October 6, 2008

Ode to the Baltimore Marathon After-Party

Holler for a dollar,
That's what you should say,
When the shorties run by you
On marathon day.

The running starts early,
But don't you fear,
Because later we'll be at Arjun's
For the party of the year.

The rules are clear and simple,
I'll tell you them right now,
Safety first as usual,
No cuts or bruises allowed.

No going home early,
No falling off his rooftop,
No passing out early
No drugs (R. Orner's a cop).

Feel free to bring the wife,
But leave the kids at home.
Keep in mind it's BYOB -
Be prepared, dont expect a loan.

We'll see you on Saturday
Be there or be square.
And if you need a checking account
Talk to Alyssa when you're there.


I hope you all enjoyed that little rhyme. It contains everything you need to know aside from time and place. I live at 1321 Clarkson St. #A. I will guarantee being at my place by 7pm, but I will probably be there ealier than that. Clarkson is one street west of Hanover and the 1300 block is in between Ostend and Clement. Give me a call if you have trouble finding it (708.369.2597). As usual everyone is welcome, and the more the merrier so invite your friends.


RM said...

Wow, Alyssa that was pretty impressive. Much better than most of your other rhymes. Of course, Arjun didn't realize that the word "anonymous" would actually be abbreviated even further than "anony" - it would be "anon"

Also for anyone that sees this, rather than me make a post about it, I may have to miss track tonight. My boss is making a short-notice trip down today. I'll try and be there, but if I can't, I should know before 6pm and I'll let someone know. Hopefully even if I can't be there for 6:30 I can be there in time for 7.

Alyssa said...

Fast forward to when Web's Dic gets published and Arjun will never be in the dark about an abbrev ever again.

Arjun Majumdar said...


fbg said...

Are you talking about ALAN Web? He's going to let someone publish that?

Colin Brooks said...

call lyssa the hip hop opotamus.
her lyrics are bottomless

RM said...

No Bri, Web's Dic is the abbrev vers of Webster's Dictionary.

So here's a question. You know how there are abridged and unabridged versions of dictionaries? What would be the equiv for Web's Dic? Would there be an abridged version, or how would the unabridged version differ?

Alyssa said...

Hmm, that's a valid concern. I guess the abridged vers would be the same concept as normal life. I could eliminate the less frequently used abbrevs such as conquist (conquistador) or homodge (homogeneous). But I'm leaning more towards Web's Dict then Web's Poc Dic as opposed to abridged/unabridged versions.

RM said...

Right now I am actually quite literally laughing aloud...

I mean, where did you even think of conquist and homodge? They are so RANDOM.

THE KRIS said...

hey alys,

next time you talk to the web's ppl, let them know i use "conquistador" quit a bit. just saying.


Alyssa said...

1. I apol for my late response...I'm actually working today- shocking.

2. I honestly have no explaination for how such words/thoughts enter my brain.

fbg said...

Has n.e.1. ever herd of a thing called "sarcaz"? And if ur so smart, wat's the abbrev 4 "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis"?

Just b 4warned, I'm gonna found the Ox Dic, & be ur competition. It's bigger than Web's Dic, cheaper, & with a shorter name. R slogan will b, "Mo def 4 ur $."

& if that's not enuff, r scientists r close 2 groundbreaking discovs, like abbrevs for the word "a", an abbrev for the alphabet (we're condsidering the letter"a" if the 1st research is successful), & an abbrev for the space.

OxPocDic (or "OPD" for the young folk) hitting stores soon.

RM said...


Brian just out-abbreved you

But Brian, can you find a way to abbreviate all those stupid German words??

Alyssa said...

Brian - You abbreviate like my mom.


fbg said...



Actually the Germans discovered a long time ago that you don't have to put spaces when you have two nouns next to each other. So, when you want to write "speed limit", you can take the space out. That's a good start, but it's too bad they still have so many f'in letters:

or, for "escalator rules of use":

I can find more good ones if you want them.

Arjun Majumdar said...

Do they then pronounce the words with out a pause?

Alyssa said...

Let it be on the rec that I do not support such abbrevs. Reading words without spaces makes me feel like I'm having a seizure.

fbg said...

@arjun: Yeah, you don't pause in between, but I doubt you pause in between "speed" and "limit".

@Alyssa: It's not about feelings; it's about business.

@everyone else: have I made myself look like a fool yet? I feel like i'm coming dangerously close to my "No, I'VE got the record for the slowest time on this course!" moment. I think I'll leave the abbreviations to the pros. But I may need a Web's Dic to English dictionary.