Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hottest Cities for Singles

Top 5: Atlanta, San Fran, Dallas, Minneapolis and DC

San Fran and DC are filled with dudes that like dudes. Minneapolis, are you for real? Maybe cause it's freezing cold 90% of the year so people have to shack up together.

Dallas - YES. I've wanted to visit there for a while. We should do a tour of Texas, like maybe revisit Austin, hit Dallas, San Antonio and then take a dump in Houston.


Alyssa said...

I think the best part of that article is the "tell us" blog section. Half expecting to see a post on Baltimore from a certain rmcgrath, I checked it out. Needless to say there was none, but I did find this little gem to get a laugh out of:

"I live in Cumberland, MD and it has to be the absolute worst city in America for singles, at least for single males. There is no "night life" to speak of, unless you consider bingo or horseshoes to be "night life". The few local bands only play "oldies" and no self respecting band from outside the area ever comes here. The women are ALL dysfunctional, with the majority being unemployed and fat. Those few women who I would consider "dateable" are at best 6's or 7's but sincerely believe that they are 10+'s. And did I mention the women are DYSFUNCTIONAL. It is almost unbelievable. 3/4s of the domestic violence arrests here are women beating up men. Live here guys and this whole scene will make you want to puke. Just my two cents worth."

THE KRIS said...

cumberland? wtf did he expect?

The other Ryan said...

I don't know what he is complaining about. I love girls that are fat and unemployed!

Colin Brooks said...

Shouldn't Bmore default to #1 because I'm single and live here?

Alyssa said...

How do I not think of these things first:

Johnnie Cochran said...


Love. Waffles. Christian Chicks?!?

RM said...

Cumberland - wow.