Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Z!

I go away for a few days and miss tons on the blog - crazy!

Looks like everyone was up to some good humor, and had fun this weekend. All I have to show for my week in the Hamptons is a random saddle sore (how did I get that? I didn't ride my bike) and a cold.

So first off, happy birthday Michael "Zero" Mashner. If you're running with us tonight at Fed Hill and want to go out after to Don't Know, it's $4 cheesesteaks. Even though I am sick and could use the sleep, I will evoke the doctine of DBAP and go out for a little bit.

Next, race results. Great race report below by Patrick, so congratulations. Army 10 has not put up their results yet so I'll wait to see what Tom and Patty did, but I heard that Patty was under 1:29 which is awesome.

Let's hop over the pond. Brian did the Sparkasse Half Marathon on the Swiss border of Austria. He went about 40 ticks faster than his first attempt at the distance, notching a 2nd place finish in 1:10:15. More importantly, check out the RESULTS page and see what team he raced for. This is the type of commitment I'm talking about, and I should have awarded him the PDAW just for that. In the Inaugural Longhorn Half Ironman in Austin, Becca Sirman recorded an amazingly fast swim and strong bike/run legs to finish 129th female in 5:41:10. Finally, Barf ran 8 miles of the Wineglass Marathon Relay in 54:00, so good job buddy.

Surprisingly, nobody did Susie's Cause.

Tomorrow's track workout will be pretty short. A lot of people that normally show up are competing in some way this weekend, and with just a few weeks til MCM and NYC, etc, it's time to start shutting it down a little.

Wednesdays are returning soon. If I am feeling better, I'll run it this week. Next week I'll be out of town, but then I'll be good from then on, although I will probably take it easier/shorter until after the marathon.

Friday I'll be at the Park, and then Saturday is the Baltimore Marathon so if you're not racing you should come out and watch. Race starts at 8am. Then the after party (nighttime) will take place at Arjun's.

Also, I just submitted my application for Team Under Armour. Here's the link if anyone's interested:


THE KRIS said...

"saddle sore" + "cold"? i'm sure it's not herpes or anything...

RM said...

Ha, good call. The saddle sore is definitely weird though, but I think it's due to extreme chafing with my running shorts.