Friday, October 31, 2008


Today is my favorite holiday. As such, I will be heading down for a little bit to spectate the debauchery in Fells Point. I'll probably only be out til about 10:30 as I need to get home and sleep, but if you're down there, holler.


Jen said...

I will be out and about with a sweet costume!

fbg said...

It's my favorite holiday, too, but it sucks in Austria, and this is the second year in a row it sucks. Right now I'm waiting on two friends to come over before we go to a Halloween party at a bar, but they're like 90 minutes later than originally planned, and then there's the completely disappointing way that Austrians dress up. Apparently its uncool to be anything but a devil, a witch, or a corpse. It F-ing sucks. At least the party we're planning on going to is supposed to play hip-hop, and they specifically list Biggie and Pac. F-yeah.


Ben said...

in germany they called hip-hop "black music" - is that what they call it in austria?