Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monday is the new Saturday

Because I'm awes, I have Monday off work and will be traveling westward to the Appalachian Trail for a long run and some hiking. If anyone wants to skip work and head out that way you're welcome to ride along. I'd sort of prefer to do the actual running alone but having company in the car slash for lunch is always welc.
And my brief and shameless plug for ultrarunning is as follows: The JFK 50 mile is 23 days away. If you're not running philly or already out of town for Thanksgiving, you should look into coming out for a little bit. I'd appreciate any support, and so would the people who are going to be out there running 12+ hours. It's a huge race, with (I believe) 6 baller aid stations where you can see runners and cheer. For those of you who are best convinced with sentimental stories, go here and click on "A JFK Story" by Dave Long. For those of you with hearts of stone, just consider it a great opportunity to laugh at people in pain. If you've ever thought about running an ultra, this is a good chance to come out and see what it's all about. Holler at your girl if you want any dets.


kipchirchir said...

thats an awesome story. makes me wanna do the JFK 50

PB said...

I watched a movie a few nights ago called "13 Tzameti". It was a black and white film about a French gambling ring where they bet on a bunch of guys standing in a big circle holding half-loaded revolvers against each others heads. When the light went on, they all fired --like a mass Russian-roulette-- and the ones without their brains splattered all over the place went on to the next round. They kept doing this until only one guy was alive. Anyhow, reading "A JFK Story" gave me the same feeling.

Alyssa said...

pb - love how you brought that comment full circle. hilarious.