Saturday, November 1, 2008

Short post, but size doesn't matter

Good luck to everyone running up in NYC! Get ready to rock and roll!

In particular, I'll give a special shout-out to Jake in his first try at the distance, and also to our very own Blogmeister, who's so good with words it's like his tongue is in two places at once (That's What She Said), who's been preparing long and hard for his first time, the unsurmountable but mountable Ryan McGrath!!

Rep TTWSS well, my friends.


scotty doesn't know said...

race well my friends!

hope the weather in the nyc holds up!

Rebs said...

good luck and have a blast!

fbg said...

It looks like both soldiers made it back to base, and the times were:

Jake: 2:42:59 (1:19:17 at the half)
Ryan: 3:10:51 (1:24:15 at the half)

Jake, awesome race! And very even splits. The training paid off; let this be a lesson for you young folk.

Elf, you got well under your half time from Eagleman! Congratulations!

RM said...

Freaking miserable. I'll write up my story on my blog shortly.

Ben said...

ryan - i'm confused - on your e-mail you said you qualified by 8 seconds, but the results show 3:10:51 - isn't Boston 3:10? Either way - a lesser man would have given up - good job! And if you still need a qualifier, i'm all for a road trip to miami in january!

Alyssa said...

silly ben. Boston gives you an extra 59 seconds. So the qual times are 3:10:59 for dudes and 3:40:59 for chicas.

Ben said...

learn something new everyday. that's my thing for today, i refuse to learn anything else.