Sunday, October 5, 2008

Four more weeks

BUT there is just one more week of work. Then comes a three week taper.

Last week was "strong." The half marathon tired me out some what, but....DBAP. I think right now it is important to not let my fitness slide before race day. Here was last week:

Mon. Easy 10 (two runs)
Tues. Easy 10 (same)
Wed. 12 miles w/ 6x 1,200 @ 5k
Thurs. 15
Fri. 8 miles with strides
Sat. Easy 10
Sun. 22 miles

Total: 91 miles

My long run this week was fun. Lacking motivation, I drove up to Waterbury and jumped in the Leaf Peeper's Half marathon so I could have some company. I ran for about 65 minutes prior to the gun and then ran through the start, chomping up walkers and joggers. After about three miles, I caught up to people running about my training pace. After that I clicked off 10 6:30's and finished the half marathon portion of the run in 1:26:30. Total time for the run was 2:40 or so by the time I made it back to my car.

Next week is more of the same, but then the mileage plummets, 74, 56, 38. I really need to focus on not getting sick or hurt. I hope lots of people come up in a few weeks to watch Ryan and I run, I think it will be a great weekend.

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