Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baltimore Marathon Non-Runners

Are there people who are -not- running the marathon (or the other events) getting together to watch somewhere along the course?

Oh and if anyone really wants to run the half-marathon but couldn't get in let me know...I signed up but I'm not running (injured).


RM said...

Yeah dude for sure, I think there are very many people running but I know at least Kris and myself will be on course. Our tentative plan is to ride our bikes so we can hit a few spots. Last year we met up at the first exchange of the relay (~5.9 miles, on St. Paul above Fayette). Then we rode down to the 2nd exchange on Key/Light, and then watched the start of the Half at 9:45. From there we kind of milled around and headed over to the finish so we could watch as people started to come in. Holler at your boy, 732-500-5433.

Matt said...

Awesome - I'll be in touch.