Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Main Street Mile/Bull Run

It appears as if this Bel Air Main Street Mile is a first ever event, which - you guessed it - means the opportunity for an EVENT RECORD. Since it's a Harm City event, I envision the following people will attend: Izzy Mehmedovic and Mike Fleg. Both are very quick milers. There could always be a random in attendance, but I think I'd know. Registration is $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Race starts at 9am, so if you are running and would like to carpool, we'll be leaving from my house at 7:45am.

Apparently there will be both water and splits on the course. I don't know what that means. Why would you need water for a mile? Also, are they really going to have 1/4 mile splits? That'd be sick. I'm not sure of the course, but I doubt it's totally flat.

If you register in advance, let me know and I'll try and pick up all of our stuff on Friday at their store. We also get a t-shirt, which I will encourage you to wear for the rest of the day.

The Bull Run Reunion Run is a 3 mile cross country race at Hereford High School. It's a challenging but fair course. Directions are simple - take 83N up to the Mt. Carmel Rd exit (exit 34 maybe?) and take Mt. Carmel east towards York Rd. Make a left on York, the school is up ahead on the right. Parking in the school lot is typically $3 but there is typically no cost to do the race. In the past we've met at Gilman to carpool, and have usually left at 10am. I am not sure if I'll do that, if there's a shorter way from Bel Air to Hereford (I'm sure there is). So if anyone is looking to carpool, post your intentions here or I guess let me know, maybe a second group can meet at Gilman or at Meadowood or something. The race has always had a post-noon start time, like 12:10, but I'm waiting for confirmation.


Alyssa said...

"We also get a t-shirt, which I will encourage you to wear for the rest of the day."

Are you encouraging people to do so so that you can make fun of them the rest of the day for breaking your silly 2-week rule? Real slick.

RM said...

No, I will wear mine too. Saturday will be a day for breaking rules. In fact, I'll write a movie about it, called "Breakin' all the Rules, part 2" because there is already a movie by that name.

scotty doesn't know said...

hey all - patty and i will be at the mile and will head over directly to bull run afterwards...its only about 20 miles of driving over to hereford, but its all backassward country road google is sayin ~45 mins

see ya'll on gameday!

RM said...

You sneaky motherfucker! Hell YEAH for doing both, that will help in the heptathlon point totals. If you guys want to plan on showering at my house and kicking it all day/eat wings and shit, feel free.

I do the ride between both places on my bike and it's about right. The other option is to drive down 95 to 695, to 83N - which might actually take about the same time but be a lot longer.

Alex said...

Weather forecast is for rain from today through Saturday - plus we run at noon after most(all) of the other races. It's going to be a glorious mess!!!

Claire said...

I wonder how many people are going to fall into the creek. I know my senior year of high school at the state meet it was really muddy and quite a few people missed the bridge and ended up in the creek, oops. That was the last time I ran this course so it should be interesting to do it again many years later. For those of you who haven't run the course before below is a site I found that has some pics of the race. The dip is where the creek/bridge is.

RM said...

Well, Alex is partially right. We are in the middle of the day, but there are MANY people to run after we do. You might want to try wearing spikes if you've got them! If not you can always stop into Falls Rd.

RM said...

Alright so online registration CLOSED today at 4, should have taken a moment to read that far. I'm going to be in Bel Air for work tomorrow so I'll stop by and register. Email or call me if you would like me to register you.

Allegedly it should still be $20 tomorrow, $25 on race day.