Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks for the concern!

Hey friends! Thanks for everyones calls/texts/emails/visits and whatever else. I really appreciate how much you all care. I like to think I upheld the TWSS motto of DBAP and wasn't too much of a wuss. My face is jacked up with a bunch of cuts and scrapes and a laceration on my forehead, but overall I am quite lucky. I'm still going to try to make it to Ryan's birthday celebration and I should be back to running in a week. Arjun is still a thunder stealer, but I suppose he felt the need to make sure I wasn't the only brown person in the hospital. Us brownies stick together, remember that if you want to mess with me. As for now I'm watching Karate Kid. Even through my one non swollen eye, Daniel Larusso is a fox.


THE KRIS said...

go team brown! i feel like i should step into traffic or throw myself down the steps in solidarity. hope to see you this weekend.


Jim said...

Jen, we talk about you all the time at the shop. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and don't let your friends ever follow suite for bragging rights, except for RM, he needs the story telling bone-fides, hopefully he doesn't repeat on a bike ride in Northern Balt Co where the drivers don't care.

That was in jest, best for all and please be careful out there, over the years I have been privy to numerous stories about drivers who don't care for athletes, on foot or on wheels.