Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Should See the Other Guy...

Alright so many of you heard that today our friend Jen Koshy aka Tiger Lily aka Fun Jen was hit by a car while she was running in Fed Hill. FIRST, she is okay. The Jen update is that she was taken to Shock Trauma and had some deep cuts and bruising and probably a broken nose. Alyssa, Arjun and Claire just happened to be heading up to track right after it happened and stayed with her as she went to the ER. In the pictures Alyssa sent, Jen was smiling, cause she's a trooper.

Then, while waiting/seeing the carnage that was Jen's wounds, Arjun fainted or something and hospital policy mandated that they admit him, so he too is in the hospital now. I think Jen is getting ready to be released and Arjun, well I'm not sure.

So send Jen some nice notes or thoughts. Let's get an inappropriate card or something too.


Alyssa said...

"well, now I am definitely Nancy Kerrigan on Saturday." - Fun Jen while waiting to have her head repaired

RM said...

I clearly don't have my priorities straight, because once I heard Jen was okay, my thoughts immediately turned to "I hope this doesn't affect her training for the marathon/her ability to come to the party this weekend"