Monday, August 18, 2008

Post-Phelps Hangover

I have been more than disappointed with track and field to this point, and we're only a few days in. I did enjoy watching Shalane get bronze, that is a huge accomplishment and I hope the media realize it. Usain Bolt was just full-on, that was absurd what he did.

I haven't seen any results lately, so if you did do something please let me know. Otherwise this is what I've got.

Luray International Triathlon: I'll post my own recap on my blog, but it was a mildly successful day for me and a great day for Alyssa. She finished 9th overall, 1st 20-24 and recorded a significant PR for the distance on a very challenging course. Her run was 10th, bike was 21st and swim was 18th. That's as complete of a race as I've ever seen. My race was punctuated by losing my timing chip so I have no splits, and I am fairly certain that I finished at 2:14:58, which would have put me in 9th place rather than the 11th that I finished.

Northeast Triathlon: Matt Stanford endured the same mishap as I did with his chip being clawed off. He didn't record a time but he did finish and did quite well.

Of course, with a 30:22 (new American record) and a bronze medal, Shalane Flanagan, former UNC star, will be our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

This is the first week of real schedule change, so please take a look as it is fairly important.

Tuesday - A few of us are going to the Orioles game because it should be the night where the 50,000,000th fan goes through Camden Yards. As a result, I will not be at track. I plan on just moving the workout to Wednesday for those who can't make it Tuesday. Same time, same place (Gilman). If you can't make Wednesday or just feel like doing it Tuesday, feel free, but you'll have to get yourselves started. The workout is 12-16x400 with :60-:90 recovery. I would say if you do fewer, try and do them faster and take a little more recovery; if you do more, do them a little slower and with less recovery.

Friday - Patapsco with our special guest, Brian Godsey. Methinks we'll go pretty easy due to our hard run scheduled for Saturday.

Saturday - Greenbelt Park for a long run. All are welcome, but you should be aware of our intended plans. It is a half mile trail to the start of the 6 mile trail loop. It's shaded, and a lot easier than Patapsco. We are going to do 3 loops, progressively getting faster each one. If you feel like doing 1 or 2 loops, that's fine. The park is in College Park, and takes about 35min to get to. We'll likely leave around 8:30 on Saturday morning, I don't want to start any later than 9:30. There is not really any water out on course, but since we come around in the loop fashion we can drop some off.

Saturday Night - As much as I would prefer to head out for HOF2 early, the Olympics marathon is really an important thing to us. I'll post plans here by Wednesday, but right now I'm thinking we can all meet here to watch, and then as long as we leave immediately following the end of the race, we'll have enough time to visit a few bars.

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