Sunday, August 17, 2008

shit the bed

American milers ...... damn it.

Well, I can forgive athletes coming up short once in a while, it happens to all of us. For me, I had my Olympic "choke" moment this past Friday on my tempo run. I totally built-up the workout in my head, and I expected to run no slower that 5:40's for 6 miles. I run these tempo runs on the same course every time, and it happens to be the same route as a local 15K road race which I have won twice. In other words, performances on these tempo runs are easy to compare to previous workouts and races. Oh and in other news, there is a new 1 L student who just graduated from Colorado College with a 15:30 5k pr (ah google snooping): the question is, can his mildly superior speed and recent races compare to my vastly superior aerobic base and facial hair in a 15k? I think I know the answer professor, but only the Chase race on September 14th will decide who is the fastest D-III-burn-out-no-talent-ass-clown-law-school-jogger.

Back to my workout, I ran 5:40, 5:42, 5:56, 6:02, 6:10, 5:59. Total, 35:28. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in how badly I faded. To put it into perspective, I really need to run 13 miles at a faster pace than this workout if I am going to have a shot at running a sweet marathon. I think I am a little tired this week, hopefully I will redeem myself next week. My long run today of 18 miles went better, with the final 10 miles covered in 69:00 minutes or so. On to next week: notice the pace run on Sunday, am I ready for this shit?

Mon: Recovery, A.M. 7 mi. P.M. 4 mi.
Tues: A.M. 7 mi. P.M. 4 mi.
Wed: Medium Long Run, 15 mi.
Th: Recovery, A.M. 7 mi. P.M. 4 mi.
Fri: Medium long run 13 miles, P.M. recovery, 4 miles.
Sat: Recovery, 8 mi plus 10 strides
Sun: Long Run, 17 miles w/ 12 miles at marathon pace.

Total: 90 miles

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