Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So, after all that planning and work, and the first ever postponement of TNT, we got squat to show for it.

Arjun and I met just after 5 and there was already a huge line to get in. We were waffling about buying tickets, because we didn't really want to spend a ton of money on the tix. As Ben arrived a few minutes later, we noticed the confetti coming from inside the gate and figured it was the 50 millionth fan. It was, and apparently it was some 24 year old douchebag from Ellicott City.

We could have been that douchebag.

Oh well. It was a nice night so we then decided why waste our time at the game, we'll just walk around the Harbor and Fells like tourists. It felt great for once to not feel the burden of having an athletic feat to look forward to in the afternoon, so I'm grateful for the break.

We were considering going to the Yankees game on Saturday, as the 100 millionth fan threshold will be crossed, but we decided against it. With that said, here is the schedule of events for Saturday now, the lineup is official:

8:30-8:45am: Depart Baltimore for College Park
9:15-9:30: Commence long run

7:00pm: Arrive at 3903 Fleet St for viewing of Olympic Marathon
9:45: Depart for Hubs of Fury 2

So, as you can see we will continue to have marathon viewing here. If you would like to bring something, a light snack and/or beverage might be a good idea, as I will likely be too lazy to stock anything really here. We can always run out to the food store/get pizzas or something.

If you are planning on hanging out for the Hubs of Fury section, please bring your bike. If you are not planning on coming to Hubs of Fury, well, after the marathon is over you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here as we need to be pushing off to hit our bars. Also, BRING CASH if possible, it makes it much easier as we stop. HELMETS are not mandatory but recommended, especially for you poorer riders out there. You should also dress to impress.

The route is very simple this time around, since we won't have as much time to hit the bars and we want to end somewhere fun.

#1 - Baltimore Taphouse (Fleet St - Canton)
#2 - Ale Mary's (Fleet St - Fells Point)
#3 - TBD (Harbor East/Inner Harbor)
#4 - Hull St Blues (Hull St/Locust Point - this is the long transfer)
#5 - Stalking Horse (Cross St/Fed Hill)

30min per bar puts us a little after midnight getting to Stalking Horse, which will probably be the end point for the night. It will hopefully also keep anyone from getting really, really drunk. If you need to crash anywhere, I'm sure our Fed Hill friends will be courteous, or there's always the few miles back to my house to sober up and head home/crash here. Any questions you know where to direct them.

SEE YOU AT THE TRACK later today


Alyssa said...

People are welcome to crash at my house, aka The Real World: Baltimore house after HOF2. We have 2 couches, 2 futons, and 2 single girls with double beds to choose from. If you're lucky you may even see some boobs. If you're really lucky girls will make out. And no, I'm not joking.

RM said...

she's not...

Alex said...

To be clear - "Dress to Impress" means dress like a cyclist from the 80s. Let me know if you need any stuff. I have enough spandex to clothe an army.

A gay army.

A tasteless gay army.


Jen said...

My house is also available to crash at, although we do not have the single ladies willing to make out. Instead we have couches and a pull out sofa, as well as ample space on the floors. The only thing I can one-up Alyssa on is crime. Heath St. loves to put on a good show of crackheads. But seriously, crashers welcome.

Alyssa said...

For the girls...and alex:
I'm not really sure what 80's female cyclists wore, seeing as I'm not sure women were even allowed to bike in the
80s, but I have decided it will involve hair crimping.
Luckily, I own a crimper, and said crimping will commence in the afternoon. If you want to be involved, holler.

The other Ryan said...

Hmm this is a hard choice. I will more then likely need to crash since I live in Towson and plan on drinking but it's a toss up... Do I stay at Alyssa's and see boobs or do I stay at Jen's and buy some crack?

RM said...

Ryan, I say you buy crack. It's worth more in the end.

Alex said...

If you stay at Jen's you'll get crack and might get robbed. At Alyssa's you'll see boobs but definitely get robbed.


The other Ryan said...

Very true Alex. If I'm going to be robbed (of my dignity) ether way I might as well be cracked out while it happens.