Sunday, July 27, 2008

Your weekend Adventure

Well as i haven't had time to read the wonderous blog that is the Team thats what she said blog site this summer as some, and was racing in New Jersey this weekend. And its sunday and you all proably already went up there to run away. My parents actually live less then 5 minutes from the park now since they downsized.

We had various routes based from a boat dock on webster ladipum road at Susquehanna State Park. We used to run there every other sunday back in day when i wasnt fat and could actually almost win 5k's and not try to beat the ladies. Also UMBC's former coach used to take the team up there for team training week. IF you wanted flat with some long hills you can run from the boat dock along the road and then canal path to the dam and then up to the camp ground for 16 miles. for get on the trail above the boat dock and thats like 20. 6:30-7:00 pace is possible in the park. its not as hilly as patapsco but does have some good ones.

Hope it was fun

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