Sunday, July 27, 2008

Now I am Mad

Trail running is now getting to be as stupid as the other races.
Let me know what you all think.

"Club member Jim Hodges wrote a note with his JFK entry that said he was
disappointed that there was no mention on the website/entry form as to why
the JFK entry fee was increased so much since last year, and that the race
was now getting to be as expensive as a 100 mile race. Jim had his note and
entry returned, and on top of the note is said "see attached highlighted
area". The highlighted sentence on the race form was the one that says that
the race reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant, if it is in
the best interests of the race.

So let that be a lesson to you, boys and girls, before you dare to criticize
the almighty JFK Race Director!"


RM said...

Wow, that's pretty harsh. While you shouldn't criticize race direction in that manner, it is a valid question. I would have waited til after I was registered or sent an email to their race director.

Interesting that it says they have the right to refuse entry "if it is in the best interest of the race" - is what he said really harmful to the race's best interest?

Alyssa said...

Drama, drama, drama...

The RD is pretty dumb to do that in a sport that's known for being a tight knit community. This story will be on every running blog, email and group page shortly, and it makes the RD look like a jerk. He could have just ignored the question or - god forbid - offer an answer. Not letting the guy run, especially if he is a previous year finisher, is silly.

Hopefully he reads this and revokes my entry too.

Eric B said...

The race director for the JFK 50 miler used to be the american recorder holder for the distance and won it a few times. He is a awesome guy who has a club team sorta like Team thats what she said called the Cumberland valley athletic club, and the race acts as the sole fund raiser for it. I ran for the club for two races prior to braking my leg, and i didn't have to pay anything. It was like college but after the race it was ok to have a beer with the coach. He also gives pretty good speaks at running camps. I doubt he will read this because he doesn't like the internet and someone else dones the race page. He also can be get heated pretty quick hence the letter back.

Alex said...

I would have sent a letter back:

See highlighted section:

It was just a simple question. Highlighted(fuck you).