Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a Workout

Jake, sorry to hear about your mudbutt, you now can understand what I go through on a daily.

Our Tuesday Night Workout was unreal, it was the longest workout we've ever done at TNT and it was a large group of really fit people - looked like a college xc team. We wound up with 3x5min intervals within a 40 minute run (6 miles) and then followed up with a bunch of Hollins Ave repeats. It was difficult.

Some of you may get the Baltimore Running updates, but if you don't, here are a few:

Full Moon Run is scheduled for August 16th. It starts at the Ashland or whatever it's called parking lot up at NCR. Not a serious race, just a fun run. Starts at 9pm, great post-race, no lights allowed - just glowsticks. I can hear the euro dance beats right now.

Annapolis 10 miler is about 200 spots from selling out. Don't miss this unbelievably hard, hot race on August 24.

Dreaded Druid Hills is Saturday and we can still use your help to make the race run smoothly. I'll send out an email tomorrow to those who have responded that they can help.

There is a track meet on Thursday for those interested, 6:30pm at Goucher College, and Saturday I'm planning on going to the Orioles vs Nationals in DC, 7:05pm game.

We'll do a long run on Sunday, if you're interested, respond and let me know what your time pref would be.


Travis said...

Won't be there on Fri but back to run on Sun. Any time is cool. Let me know.

Sounds like I missed a fun time last light.

McCarthy said...

It looks like I'll be around this weekend so I'm up for a run on Sunday.

RM said...

Cool - we've had one request for Sunday morning. I'm going to the O's game in DC Saturday night so I'd prefer to not go too early, but I'm not a pussy so I'll suck it up and go as early as need be. I'd like to go 120-135 minutes, so maybe morning is better than afternoon. Time suggestions? 8, 9?

McCarthy said...

Anytime is fine for me. Generally the later the better for me, but I have no qualms about getting up early.