Monday, June 23, 2008

Tuesday Night HILLS Reminder!

We are meeting at Robert E Lee this week, NOT Gilman.

We are skipping the "warmup", instead we will go for a 35 minute run promptly at 6:45, including at least 2 x 5min pickups along the trail.

Precisely at 7:30 we will go into hill repeats. The format is as follows:

2 times - start 200-300m down the road, run hard into the hill, up the hill for 200-300m

2 times - straight up and down

2 times - same as the first

If you are late, you will know where to find us. If you have questions like "where do I park?" or "where is the trail because I seem to always get lost when I run at Robert E Lee" let me know via email or cell no later than 6:30.

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Johnnie Cochran said...

My workout was memorable. 10 miles w/ a 4 mi. tempo run in the middle. I warmed up an easy two miles (14:09) and ran right into my tempo run. I use the same course as our town's annual 15k and so the course is well marked with spray paint on the road at mile markers. I cranked out a solid 23:38 for the next four miles, which contain a few nice hills. Anyway, I was stoked and feeling really good at the finish of the tempo and began to make my way home on my four mile cool-down. But the fun could not last, I caught the worst case of mudbutt imaginable. I am talking home-land security threat level purple muddbutt. After ten minutes of straining, I finally had to pull off the road. I sat against a tree and.....boom!!! some lady came around a corner in the road just in time to see me unload the most unholy of deuces. Anyway, her reaction was absolutely priceless. I wonder how long it will take for word to get around about it. Ahh well, fuck em.