Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DDH Volunteers and Rockville Twilight

Jim sent an email to a bunch of people today that have committed to volunteering at Saturday's race. It never hurts to have more than less, so if you're able to get out there on Saturday morning, even if just for a little, it would be greatly appreciated.

Now, onto the BIG Summer Event: Rockville Twilight 8k (handy link to registration, which is $24 through Monday, or $27 til 7/16).

This is pretty much the biggest, most competitive summer race around, and more than a race, it's a fun event. We go down to Rockville in the afternoon and get ready for the race, which starts at 8:45pm. You run a little loop through a neighborhood and by 2 miles pop back through the town center, and it's dark. In 2005 it poured at 25 minutes in. In 2006 it was just plain hot. I didn't race in 2007 due to a calendar conflict but am psyched to get to do it again this year.

So I would like to get a head count of "I plan on racing" - so we can put together our team. We won the team title last year and would be great to win it again this year. I think some of the guys who did pretty well last year can get comp'd.

The date of the race is Saturday, July 19th. You probably have nothing else to do. We'll carpool, and after the race is a fun party. I'll send something out in Monday's email but wanted to make sure you were all aware of the registration fee increase on Monday.


Johnnie Cochran said...
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Alyssa said...

by "We go down to Rockville in the afternoon and get ready for the race" i hope you mean we go to Happy Hour...

RM said...

Ha, you wish! Happy Hour(s) is after the race, so the faster you run, the quicker you can get your beer afterwards. And whatever, you'd probably go for a 50 mile run that day anyway!