Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Triple Crown Challenge

Ladies and gentlemen, a fantastic opportunity has presented itself beginning one week from tomorrow. I introduce to you: The 2008 Triple Crown Challenge

It involves 3 nights of extreme celebration, and 3 amazing race opportunities. See the itinerary below.

Thursday, June 19: Joel Brusewitz's coming out party, err, I mean, his Album Release party. I forget whether it's at High Topps in Timonium or if it's in Bel Air. *Note - it is also Barf's birthday, and we will celebrate it.

Friday, June 20: Chrissie is heading up to Media, PA, for the Media 5 miler. It is a very competitive field. This is race #1. I will probably do my normal Friday at Patapsco, and then prepare for Alex's Toga Party. Togas are a must.

Saturday, June 21: Baltimore 10 Mile in the morning, I don't know if anyone is racing but some are manning a water stop. Then it is DUDE'S NIGHT OUT. Yes, it will be as gay as that. Since the girls are doing their women's only 5k on Sunday, we are having a guys only party. Details to follow, but it will get rowdy and you will still be drunk on Sunday morning.

Sunday, June 22: Baltimore Women's Classic 5k. Chrissie is going for the weekend triple (racing Friday, volunteering Saturday, racing Sunday). Most of the other ladies are also racing in this one. We, the men, will go support these ladies and then maybe we can have a bbq or something.

Also, track meets start on June 26 at Goucher. They are basically every two weeks. I posted the first three on the right hand side.

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