Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ryan's Song

This came out not so very long ago for me, but probably long, long before the collective consciousness of this group ever began collating. Lines from 1:07 into the piece popped into my head immediately when I asked RM why he kept going at Eagleman.


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Travis said...

OK, I feel I have to say something at this point. Ryan is not a country song for f**k's sake. He had a hard day. He is all sad about it. Too bad. If ironman was easy Oprah would have done one by now. Let it stand as a hard thing to do that people fail at sometimes. I don't think we should take that away. Ryan screwed up his calories or sodium or something. Yes this is rocket-science. Everybody gets burned with this untill they experiment. Ryan stepped out of his comfort zone and that is beautiful. That is the most exciting thing about endurance sports. Running a 5K, "real fast" does not compare to a full on all day effort. Nor are the rewards as great. I say great job, but it is always the effort that counts. Not really the stats. And thanks for letting me follow along with your reports. I read them all. Besides, I wouldn't bet on Ryan going slow next time.