Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have received four requests for Marine Corps Marathon, from four guys, so the spots are theirs unless they tell me otherwise. We have one spot left for a female, and we need to have at least one, so girls - get on it.

Here's the team:

Kris Simms aka DK aka Really Old Kris aka KRS-1
Travis Warren aka Travicon
Phil Turner aka Bootstraps (get it - from Pirates of the Caribbean)
David Ploskonka aka I don't know yet

That's a fierce team right there.

Philly Distance Run - The date for this race is Sunday, September 21st. Registration is open, and on Sunday, June 15, the price goes up from $55 to $65. They are having a Father's Day special, if you register using the promo code "DAD" you can save an additional $10. For a big city half-marathon, this is dirt cheap. If you're planning on doing it, I'd say sign up in the next two days. We'll go up on Saturday again and have a good time. Mostly cause my birthday is that Friday.


Alex said...

Why does someone who's last name is Ploskonka need a nickname?

RM said...

Maybe we can call him Slinky or Plosko or something.

Anyway, I'm registered for PDR. $49.95. I also registered for Rhode Island Half Ironman. $240. Then I opened a new credit card. Then I signed up for ten more races. Then I defaulted on my mortage.